Vostro Answers the Question

The question is ‘Does everyone at Dell do drugs just before a new sales campaign?’. The answer is a resounding ‘Yes!’.

In an effort to launch itself into the SMB category [wow, I thought they were a mainstay here…] Dell has announced the Vostro line of PCs.

These are aggressively priced PCs with Core2Duo processors, and feature up to 4GB of RAM. The machines feature Windows XP or Vista, with no mention of whether or not the OS is 64bit. The new Vostro laptops will also have the ability to connect wirelessly with any of three wireless carriers.

Apparently the word is derived from the Latin for ‘yours’, and yet Dell is hoping it will be associated with another word ‘profit’.

Perhaps the biggest difference with the launch, is the tool system that Dell is offering, which if workable, will certainly spell profit. Utilities including automated tune-up, network assistant, monitoring, and online backup tools will certainly remove much of the need for outside the company IT services for the small to medium business. 

Dell may become like Apple, the company that people buy the hardware, because of the want for the software. Wouldn’t that be a switch!


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