GrandCentral Invites Available

GrandCentral (now owned by Google) is a great way to manage your communications. They are the biggest step forward in the US for consolidated communications services. There are other companies like Kirkland WA’s GotVoice that are making big strides, but the ones made by GrandCentral beat them all.

* Auto ringing of multiple phones when one phone number is called
* Ability to record any call received by pressing a button on the phone
* Ability to mark numbers as spam
* Ability to assign ring backs for groups of people
* Ability to import your address book
* Ability to screen calls from any phone type, just like your home answering machine
* Ability to put calls on hold and switch the phone you are talking about (e.g. cell phone in the car, get home, and transfer the call to your home phone, all with 2 button presses.)

The site changed to invite only after the acquisition. I have between 5 and 10 invites open depending on the disposition of a few close friends’ needs. If you’d like to get an invite, just post in the comments. I’ll use a generic name if I can’t figure yours out from your post or email.

BTW – I plan on making invites available to sites which I become a member of. You can subscribe to the invite category’s RSS feed if you want special advance notice of this type of post.