Milwaukee Power Tools Batteries Recalled

Milwaukee Electric Tool Co makes the best power tools. They last a lifetime and the only thing that ever gives me trouble with them is the batteries. The batteries typically only last about a year or two and then they start losing their charge rapidly or don’t hold one very long.

If you own any Milwaukee power drills, saws, radios, flashlights, wrenches and Extractor windshield glass removers you can get replacement battery thanks to a recall now taking place.

The recall includes 14.4 and 18 volt 2.4 Ah NiCd Milwaukee Power Plus, Chicago Pneumatic, and Extractor battery packs manufactured between July 1999 and February 2004. The brand name can be found on a label on most battery packs. However, some 14.4 Volt 2.4Ah packs did not have “Power Plus” on the label. The battery packs were sold both with tool kits and as individual battery packs. Battery packs manufactured after February 2004 are not included in this recall.

The CPSC recommends that everyone stop using the recalled battery packs immediately and contact Milwaukee to determine if your batteries are included in the recall. Milwaukee will provide free replacements for all recalled units.

[Recall Notice PDF]

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