Google's Free Wireless Broadband Access Rumors Continue

This rumor I love. Plus it seems to continue unabated with more twists and turns than a slinky. The hope is that the FCC is going to provide a portion of the wireless broadband spectrum that will be coming up for auction in January, 2008 for free access providers. In the back ground sits Google. The latest rumor is that the Chairman of the FCC, Kevin Martin, may propose such access and has circulated his proposal to others at the FCC. Included in the proposal is the following:

Open access spectrum, as proposed by Martin, would allow consumers to connect any legal device to the wireless network. The rules for the spectrum would also contain prohibitions against the network provider blocking legal content, a key provision of network neutrality.

One may wonder why I continue to be so interested in the thought of having free wireless access? Several reasons. Where I live the only access to high speed b