Honda Cars: Weather and Earthquake Warning System

In an island country like Japan, earthquakes are an everyday possibility. Seasonal monsoon rains are another natural hazard that visits upon the country. As an added security measure, Honda Motors is putting earthquake and rainfall warning systems in some of their vehicles for the Japanese domestic market:

“With the latest upgrade, e-mail warnings will be sent to a pre-assigned address when a car with the system is in an area of a strong earthquake — handy in a quake-prone nation. If heavy rain is forecast on a planned route, icons of exclamation marks pop up on the monitor.”

link: Honda introduces weather warning system in Japanese cars

It is possible then to listen to the car’s music system and still be alerted to any possible disasters in the area. This would seem like a possible alert system for areas prone to tornados and abrupt changes in weather. Just add the costs to the cell phone bill…

Catherine Forsythe

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