How Windows Is Defeating Gamers

On AnandTech a very cogent explanation of why now, some, and very soon, all gamers will be experiencing various problems with the 32 bit version of Windows is given. The explanation has nothing to do with the motherboards being used, the BIOS, or any hardware in specific circumstances.

It does give reasons why in a few cases, the high memory video cards [above 256 MB onboard] could be exacerbating the problems innate to Windows in the XP or Vista 32 bit versions.

The article further explains that immediately moving to 64 bit Vista is not a real solution, and that 64 bit XP is really not the way to go, as it was a red-headed step-child, almost from the start.

The article concludes with specific examples of what can be done in certain circumstances, what is going on in the depths of the system, and what signs to look for when experiencing these ‘ghosts in the machine’.

More of this type of reporting would benefit every segment of the computer market, explaining the wrongs, the corrections, and the things to avoid in the journey on the path to computer nirvana.


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