Sleep Deprivation

What’s up with all of these web advertisements for sleep deprivation? Although it might not keep you awake at night, promises articles on sleep derivation causes, effects, and dangers, along with a dictionary of terms and community forums. I must admit, I was quickly intrigued, as I battle with insomnia from time-to-time …

Alas, when I went to visit the sleep deprivation forums (a forum … what a great idea, another way to deprive myself of sleep) just now, I was greeted by a dearth of posts. If this is a new web site, surely the publishers (the morefocus group) could have pre-seeded the insomniacs’ conversation with lively topics?

While the site has a clean design, the sidebar features an “Other Links” section, which lead to pages of sleep deprivation links that appear to be exclusively served up by the Yahoo Publisher Network.

Perhaps morefocus might have burned moremidnightoil to pump the site up with morecontent before embarking on their advertising campaign?

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