An Awesome DIY Gift to Give Females

Not sure what to get your mother, girlfriend, wife, or mother in law? This is a gift they will cherish for years to come, and make you shine! Buy a semi thin blank book, or decorative notebook. Collect up old movie stubs, receipts, memento’s, doodles on scrap paper, and just little things you get from events and such. Use a good quality archival glue, and glue one of your items onto a page. At the top of the page, date it according to when the event took place. Write about what happened, how you felt about it, or little stories related to the event. If you do not have the materials on hand, work on the book over time, and you will have something ready by the holidays or the next birthday that comes along. These kind of gifts *really* impress a woman, and will greatly endear her to you.

Some of the materials I have used in my personal memento books include:

  • business cards
  • hospital bracelets
  • receipts
  • grocery/shopping lists
  • decorative stickers
  • invitations
  • movie and ticket stubs
  • birthday item request lists
  • old notes
  • newspaper/magazine clippings
  • photos

You can also use it to write messages to the person regarding your feelings about them, or what you thought about an event you went though together. Include a few non personal journal entries sharing your thoughts on various subjects. If you are a writer, include some of your stories or poems. If you have artistic abilities, do a few drawings.The most important thing is that you are sharing a real piece of yourself, and the women in your life will greatly appreciate that!

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