Comcast Makes Moving Fairly Simple!

I bash on Comcast a lot. Actually, I do it more than anyone else. But today they deserve props for an outstanding feature I discovered. This was the single best feature I have found with Comcast to date and despite our love/hate relationship, they really impressed me with how convenient this was. Way to go, very impressed.

Yes, I am moving to Vancouver, WA August 1st so my wife can get back to school. She had taken a few years off and is now ready to get back into the swing of things. The one thing I am not looking forward to is the packing. Yuck! I figure we could just Hefty bag everything, rent a dump truck and wish for the best. My PCs of course, would be packed properly, because I have a firm grasp of what is truly important.

The final gripe of this evening is the fact that we still do not have an “Easy Button“. Seriously, how wonderful it would be to simply push a button, so all of my bills and other related mail would magically appear at the new house. No, I am not talking about mail forwarding. My thoughts are more to the actual information relating to the zillions of accounts I have all reflecting the address change with a single stroke of the keyboard.

Hey, it’s been a long day. And I refuse to believe that someone out there is not seriously looking at a way of making an easy button for those of us who are moving. Because when companies put their minds to making everyday things a little easier, something fantastic happens. Yeah, I found a service that will take my mounting postal mail mess and treat it like email with strong spam filtering. To me, this is a heck of a lot more exciting than the latest ‘Twitter‘ clone. But perhaps I am alone with this here. I mean, I just heard that Twitter will drive this kid named Billy to his little league practice and is also working on solving world hunger! Seriously, let’s collectively support services that support us with value – not wasted time.

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