George Bush Proposes Peace Talks

 Think about the title for just a moment longer. This is about as in character as Flava Flav recommending that all women should strive to have a smaller bust. This goes right along with that story you never heard about Pete Rose passing up an opportunity to make a wager.

No wonder there are sites like this one, so popular with people of 3 digit intelligence quotient.

What gives? Does this man not know the time for talking was before he started the war? What does he hope to accomplish with this?

I would love to hear anyone come up with a cogent argument, that is not a personal attack, as to why this man should not be vaulted to the position of ‘least effective and most damaging President ever’. Also, some reasoning as to why impeachment should not be recommended would be great.

The national pride is at a new low, the esteem with which the world holds us has fallen to depths previously unknown. Anyone who does not believe this should earnestly ask a neighbor about the former, and check out any news cast or foreign newspaper for the answer to the latter.


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