Windows Vista Part II

Ok.  I know I went off on Vista a while back, and I am sticking to what I said because I’m stubborn like that.  However, being I work in the education industry and Microsoft products account for around 98% of what I implement and support, I no longer have any excuses left to put off installing Windows Vista. 

I have Windows Vista Enterprise Edition installed on my home machine, and I have to admit, it runs pretty well, although the memory usage is pretty heavy, and I have 4 Gb of RAM on this machine, of which just a tad under 3.5 Gb is actually being used by Windows Vista.  I could of went x64, but I’ve heard horror stories about a serious lack of drivers, so I decided to stay away x64 for now.

Windows Aero?  Ok, it looks nice and pretty, but what does it actually give me besides pretty “glass-like” effects and “flip 3D” all while using gobs of memory?

And why does my video system all of the sudden add shared memory to my BFG GeForce 7900 GT 256 Mb video card?  What’s up with that crap?  Shared memory for video is a disaster and why does Windows Vista do it?  That’s total B.S. if you ask me.

I noticed that a lot of things take far less time to load, like Windows Live Writer for example.  On my Windows XP build, it was an absolute dog when it came to the program load time. On Vista, it’s far, far faster.  Got to be the enhanced index “superfetch” features, right? 

Once I get used to Windows Vista more, I’ll have lots more to say about it.  For right now, I like it, but it could be far better.  My biggest pet peeve right now?  I do not like how the task bar does not stretch to my second screen in my dual monitor layout.  That sucks.  Yes, I know there are third party solutions to solve the task bar issue, but shouldn’t Vista get it right in the first place? 

What other Vista anomalies have you noticed?  Please share.  I’d like to hear about them.