Composers Revealed For Splinter Cell: Conviction

Composers Kaveh Cohen and Michael Nielsen in association with Groove Addicts bring their unique brand of orchestral-electronic fusion to the 5th and latest installment of the popular Tom Clancy series, “Splinter Cell: Conviction.” This marks Groove Addicts first foray in original scoring for interactive gaming, an initiative for the company spearheaded by GA’s Business Development team, led by Mike Zarin and J.P. Rahmann. The much-anticipated release of the Ubisoft game will hit stores in time for Christmas.

Splinter Cell: Conviction chronicles the latest adventures of Splinter Cell protagonist Sam Fisher. Cohen & Nielsen’s suspenseful score accompanies Fisher’s calculated steps as the gameplay unfolds.”It’s the most definitive music I have heard to date for the series. I would go so far to call it ‘classic Splinter Cell,’ ” says Simon Pressey, Ubisoft Montreal’s Technical & Artistic Director of Audio.

Groove Addicts’ Zarin concurs, “We are ecstatic to be involved with this incredible Ubisoft AAA franchise. The fact that this is our first game says a lot about the caliber of music we at Groove Addicts work so very hard to deliver every day. Michael Nielsen and Kaveh Cohen have a rare knack to consistently create great music in a timely manner, with our clients’ vision in mind.

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