Determined To Cause Cancer In Laboratory Humans

I’ve lived without dependency on artificial sweeteners (and trans fats) for the greater part of seven years. Just ask Ponzi! Granted, I’m sure a few Frankenstein molecules have passed over my lips since I instituted the embargo – but certainly not intentionally. My vices are a bit more natural (and portion control is always under control). Why would anyone, anywhere, willingly and knowingly ingest something that nature doesn’t deem edible or process-able?! It doesn’t make any sense to me – it really doesn’t. We’re not talking about something that could cure cancer, mind you.

No, we’re talking about something that may cause cancer in the first place. There are thousands of separate resources for you to pore over, but do not continue to labor under the illusion that your physiology is THAT MUCH different than the rest of humanity’s. Bill Oertel Jr. sent this link to me earlier, and I’m quite inclined to pass it on in the hopes that it’ll save some of you from killing yourselves sweetly:

Jury’s still out on Splenda – and I will always err on the side of caution when it comes to faux food. It’s getting to the point where I’m pretty much forced to avoid most grocery stores (save Whole Paycheck and the like). But don’t believe me or this “conspiracy theory” video without further, independent investigation. Open your eyes to what’s happening, my friends…

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