Slocan Valley: Cell Phone Free Zone

One would suspect that the Slocan Valley in British Columbia, Canada might not be one of Steve Jobs’ favorite places. He would not sell many iPhones there. In fact, Mr Jobs would find that there is no cell phone service in the Slocan Valley. And some residents want to keep it that way:

“… But Bill Roberts, with the Slocan Valley Economic Development Commission, thinks becoming a cellphone dead-zone will attract tourists and new residents to the rural community in B.C.’s Southern Interior.”

link: B.C. Interior community goes for ring-tone-free zone

Perhaps the advance of technology eventually will nullify this debate, about whether to have cell phone service or not. Coverage, in one form or another, will be almost universal. However, for the moment, there are some people who recognize that, in spite of the conveniences, there are drawbacks to being connected 24 /7. It’s sometimes simply stressful.

Catherine Forsythe

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