The Chronicles of ShadowMyth: Chaos and the Multiverses

Life has branded me with a wandering soul. I can remember long before this lifetime, traveling the multiverses for as long as eternity it seems. This lifetime, such a small moment in the pool of existence, and I dream of other places foreign to this land. I know these places like one knows a friend, and they are familiar to me. In the waking of day, there are also places that I travel to, events I experience, that are like unto a dream in this dimension. The solidity begins to break away, energy is freed, and everything is altered. So close to home, yet not quite there, I can hear the roads of my destiny calling me. Come home, come back to travel the ancient patterns. Home, home amidst the sea of infinity and possibility. I remember that once I was not flesh and blood, but possessed the form of an energy being. I morphed and altered myself into many things, and at times I was not one, but many. It was like making love to life, orgasming in it’s flow and existence. I have come to grasp a greater understanding of order in this place, but my heart calls forever to the vastness of all that is…and home. Home is the chaos beyond where it meets order, deep in the heart of disorder. Mind you, it does have an underlying pattern, but it would shatter the mind’s of most, leaving them is a state of incomprehension.

My home is in the land we now call dream, in the far reaches of it’s borders. That land was once part of this land, but a great event occurred, and the two were split apart from one another. Now the spiral of life has become a circle, and we stay as we are, rather than evolving toward the greatness that we have within us. We have been cut off for so long, I, and those who came here with me. We have awaited the day that the planet realigns itself, and we can once again travel beyond this place. Now, that day is nigh at hand, and I can soon return home . They say that one can never truly return home, that all will be changed, but I know that place, and it always changes. There are aspects of it which solidify into a stable pattern, but they are not in forms common to this place.

When I dance, when I sing, I am to some degree one with the pattern again, it is my salvation.

My perceptions of this place are not of a kind most can relate to. I see the world through symbols and numbers, patterns and equations, feelings and intuitions. It has taken me time to grasp how to communicate with the world around me, every lifetime I must relearn it again. Years past, I would become disoriented in this body, but I have once again learned to ground myself within one of these vessels. Even still, I have had to make sure that my unusual soul makeup does not destroy the vehicle I live within. This has been an issue for many, many lifetimes. I have been fortunate though that my cause of death usually had nothing to do with these issues, but rather was most often caused by suicide or extremely torturous executions. You see, I was called by the people, a *witch*, or whatever term was appropriate, depending on location. Lifetime after lifetime, my kind have suffered because of our differences. We learned to hide them, but we would always be eventually found. Organizations within the ancient families of the invaders, have sought our kind out in secret. They do not want to admit to our existence, to the truth of why we are hidden away. We tried to help the people, use our powers to aid them, but they turned on us, and demonized us, if it suited their agendas. Now though, the gateway is opening, and my pathways will once more multiply. Home, soon I will be in your embrace. The ecstasy of your pleasures, the diversity of your experiences, how I long to make love to your essence once again.

I have seen this place earth, through a different eye, it is an experience very unique. The pattern shifting under our feet now, stable ground nowhere to be found, the quantum mechanics of it all…an infinite pattern we are creating even as we speak. I have no time to waste time, and I stretch it out where I need extra. There is just so much to be done before I leave this place, as I have promises to keep. The dream must be awakened for the merging to once again occur. Dream must be what we call reality…and the two once again be united as one. What was torn asunder, will gather it’s self back together again. Though changed, and rearranged, order will return to it’s natural flow and harmony. But, the people must remember how to dream, they must remember what made life worth living. The nightmare we are believing in right now, we created, through our belief in it. The door that leads out of this confusion lay in our ability to organize the chaos…and dream of something better. All of the answers are within our imaginations, and literally, anything is possible.

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