How to Buy Good Things with Bad Credit

A lot of people who suffer from having bad credit often think to themselves that they’ll never be able to buy some of the better things in life. I, too, though that with my bad credit score I would never be able to buy anything halfway decent that wasn’t already used by someone.

After looking online and drooling over several items I longed for (how about a 32″ DLP 1080p HDTV, a nice GPS system, or a halfway decent laptop) I became discourages with the fact that I would have to save for months in order to afford anything close to what I would like to have.

You can afford good things with bad credit, and there are two main ways you can do it.

The most logical path is to open a savings account and use that to save up for the large-ticket item you want. Personally, I prefer this method as having a savings account does have a positive effect on your credit score.

Of course it could take years to save up for the item you want, and by that time you may have spent your savings on something else. That’s why if you have to have it now – and you know for a fact you can pay for the item – you can use the monthly payment plans on the television shopping networks.

What?! Yeah, that’s right: I just told you to go shop at QVC, HSN, and ShopNBC. Yes, yes, I know what the main problem is: you’re going to be overpaying for items. Sometimes it’s a lot, but sometimes it’s a steal.

Here’s the trick: do your homework. Go online and comparison shop for the same exact item. If the item price is inflated by hundreds of dollars, pass it up; however, if they’re similarly prices, you may want to consider using their monthly payment plan.

There’s a trick to everything in life, and if you have bad credit you’ll have to use those tricks in order to purchase large-ticket items. By either saving your money in  savings account, or taking advantage of monthly payment plans you can actually buy decent items on bad credit.

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