Snagit to OneNote!

Hey OneNote lovers: I have a really cool announcement for you! TechSmith has just released a new output accessory that lets you send your Snags to OneNote from the SnagIt preview.

The new accessory lets you send almost any snag to OneNote directly from the SnagIt preview. By default, the snags go to your cursor location. But you can easily change the output location to any page in any section in any open notebook or to any page in your unfiled notes. If you want, you can even have SnagIt create a page in a section and put the output there. (New pages get the title “Snag” followed by a sequence number.) You can change the default from your cursor location to any of the other locations as well. (What’s a Snag? That’s a screen shot you take with SnagIt!)

I have been testing it out and have found a lot of great uses for it. For example:

  • I hate that there has been no easy way to get long/wide pages to my notes. Now I can set up a Snag to grab the scrolling page, then send that straight to the page in my notes that I want.
  • I can annotate my screen captures and then send them to OneNote. Since the OneNote clipping tool doesn’t let me do annotations, this is a biggie for me. I hate that when I annotate a capture in OneNote, the annotations don’t move with the capture if I drag the capture. By using Snagit, I can capture my content, annotate it, and then send it to OneNote. Really slick.
  • I want to capture specific objects from PPT or a web page and drop them in OneNote. I can copy and paste, but I have to hope that the person who created the object did it right in order to always get what I want. Now, I can snag the object and send the object to my notes.

By the way, be sure to check out the Help for the tool. I love the new style of help. I think that it should be encouraged among all help developers.

Announcing: The Great Give Away!

Last December, I did a User Group tour for TechSmith on SnagIt. I was given a number of key sets to give away. I just discovered that I have a pair of keys left over. A pair of keys? Yes! A key to SnagIt and a key to Camtasia! These keys will be given away as one prize to the user who sends me the best example of why then need SnagIt and the OneNote accessory.

To enter, drop me a comment with what the new accessory lets you do. Make sure you provide your email address so I can contact you. Contest entries must be received by 8:00 am Arizona time on August 1st. I will announce the winner as soon as I choose one. I will email the keys to the winner and announce it here.

Hint: The more visual your comment, the better I will get your idea. (Hint: If you want to win, give me screen shots or recordings. Either do a normal one or Jing it.) Judging will be based solely on my opinions.

Quick update/Addition: I’ve been asked if this is OneNote 2007 compatible. It is. But I want to make i clear: It is not compatible with OneNote 2003 (as far as i know) since it uses the new APIs.

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