Individual Authentication Update: No RFID Chip Needed

To many, the idea of putting a silicon chip in some part of the body is best left for the lower animals on the planet. Hitachi apparently thinks so too, as it is developing a system that would make that technology as ridiculous as it sounds. It should also make fingerprints a thing of the past as well.

Finger vein authentication technology is being touted as a much better way of determining identity, as it would be much harder to replicate. Also, taking off someone’s finger, in the extreme, would not work, as the blood would be gone from the vein and change the ability to identify.

The testing period will be starting in September, with 200 Hitachi employees set for ‘guinea pig’ status. Credit card company JCB seems to like the idea and is cooperating during the trial.

With success the concept might move across the Pacific soon.




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