More Dell Linux Boxes On The Way

According to Mark Shuttleworth of Ubuntu fame, Dell will be soon offering more Linux boxes in the next few weeks. It seems that Dell is pleased with the response it has received since it first introduced Linux systems back in May and has decided to offer more systems very soon. According to a Reuters article:

“There are additional offerings in the pipeline,” he said. Shuttleworth founded Canonical Inc to provide support for Ubuntu Linux.

A Dell spokeswoman, Anne Camden, declined comment, saying the company does not discuss products in the pipeline.

She added that Dell was pleased with customer response to its Linux PCs. She said Dell believed the bulk of the machines were sold to open-source software enthusiasts, while some first-time Linux users have purchased them as well.

Open-source software refers to computer programs, generally available over the Internet at no cost, that users can download, modify and redistribute.

The Linux operating system is seen as the biggest threat to Microsoft’s Windows operating system.

This is really great news for the Linux community and supporters who for years have hoped that one of the larger OEM’s would offer Linux machines. Now that Dell has entered into the market with a selection of Linux machines, this will hopefully bring more public attention to Linux and the benefits it provides over using a Windows based system. Maybe the little Penguin can conqueror the world!

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