The Sheriff Has a MySpace Site

There are countless articles warning about the dangers of social networking sites. From sexual predators to identity theft schemers, there are warnings to protect private information and to keep security in mind. Now, it is possible to link to a Sheriff, as a friend:

“The Polk County Sheriff’s Office recently launched its own page on MySpace. Teenagers who post their pictures and other information on their MySpace pages also link to the MySpace pages of their friends. When that happens, the friend’s picture is posted on the page of the user who linked to it.

When a teen links to the Sheriff’s Office MySpace page, a picture of the gold sheriff’s star will appear on the friend’s list on his or her MySpace page. Judd hopes that teens will link to the page…”

link: Polk Sheriff Finds a Place on MySpace

link: Sheriff’s MySpace

One can see the rationale for the Sheriff creating a site and being on MySpace. A concern is that soon there will be those who will spoof such an effort and post fake law enforcement links. There are hackers to exploit every good deed. Just be very careful…

Catherine Forsythe

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