The Chronicles of ShadowMyth: Faces

Images silhouetted, hazy aspects of the self…some making appearance when the mind is unaware of subtle changes in the spirit; changes I cannot see, but only feel as reality. Visions without form, words never spoken, emotions seldom formable in descriptive terms of everyday vocabularies.

The mirror I view takes the shape within, and blurs it’s form beyond this dimension of understanding. I step beyond it’s glass plating, a part of me within. I stand in a world of self reflection, of the many aspects of the dance within it’s gilded frame. Flowing one into the other, timeless sense of self. Images rise up in power, images fading away to dust; simultaneous existence’s of birth and death…funerals and weddings of the myriad selves superimposing one another, so that no distinction can be made.

Dance of beauty, dance of power, waning and waxing to and fro. Karmic cycles; colorful wheels spinning right to left, and left to right, propelling one another past eternity, and further. Lifetimes of the past seen within my changing face, like a make-up artist’s masterpiece…creations of a dream from which one never awakens, and yet is constantly awakening from. I delve deeper still and lose myself in the performance, like a member of the audience, unaware he is the actor on the stage.

I flip a page of the script, to try to find my lines. The words seem blurred, and my eyes begin to water; my teardrops forming rivers that carry me within a cavern’s mouth. It swallows me up like a great womb, and gives birth to me from a gaping hole of existence. I stand confused, lines forgotten while the camera still roles, never running out of film. I smile remembering that I, the playwright, have the liberty to change the roles I play. I turn and I stand in front of the mirror, a clear image reflected back, and the camera man fades away into the background…

Written by ShadowMyth, late 1980’s.

Photo by Nick Benjaminsz

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