This Cheap Laptop Won't Last!

I don’t have a problem with cheap laptops. But I do have a problem with mangled marketing messages. An email from from Tiger Direct just landed in my inbox with the title, “Hurry… $399 Laptop w/ Vista…They Won’t Last”… uhhh, okay… is that a promise or a threat? Now I don’t want to imply that this is a cheap laptop when it comes to quality, but with a headline like that…

The unit in question is a refurbed Everex, equipped with an 1.46GHz Intel Celeron M, 512MB of DDR2, 60GB hard drive, dual layer RW DVD, 15.4 WXGA screen, and Windows Vista Home Basic.

“HURRY! Before We Sellout,” screams the advertisement.

Is $399.97 an “Unbelievable LOW PRICE” for a cheap laptop that won’t last?

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