Firefox Clarifies ‘Ten Day Policy’

Mozilla is clarifying Mike Shaver’s vow of security patches within ten days. The following was posted on the Mozilla Security Blog:

“This is the official Mozilla word: This is not our policy. We do not think security is a game, nor do we issue challenges or ultimatums. We are proud of our track record of quickly releasing critical security patches, often in days. We work hard to ship fixes as fast as possible because it keeps people safe. We hope these comments do not overshadow the tremendous efforts of the Mozilla community to keep the Internet secure.”

link: Window Snyder’s Blog

link: Mozilla: 10-day patch guarantee ‘not our policy’

It seems that Window Snyder, Mozilla’s chief security person, knows that the ‘less said’ is the wisest course. She made a brief, generic security policy statement. In a few more news cycles, this will become ‘old news’… and perhaps forgotten. And Mozilla people will be more careful what they say at social gatherings.

Catherine Forsythe

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