Natural First Aid Kit

The following are some things to keep around for medical emergencies:

  • Burns: This is very simple to make, and is the best burn ointment to keep around. Take a quart mason jar, and fill loosely about 3/4ths way up with banana peels. Add any white vinegar, and cap. Let sit for about 5-7 days on a counter. Remove liquid, and pour in a storage container. This should keep indefinitely. When you have a burn, soak a cloth or cotton ball in the ointment, and place on the burned area. Keep on the area, until all pain has subsided. If the burn is severe, you may have to apply multiple applications. If done properly, it usually will not even leave a scar. Aloe works well also, but it must be fresh, and not an extract from the store.
  • Bleeding: Buy comfrey root powder, and keep stored in a tight waterproof container. If you cut or injure yourself, clean the area first. Dry the area as well as you can. Cover the bleeding area with comfrey powder, and continue to pack it on, if it bleeds through. Do this until bleeding stops. This can work on even large gashes and cuts, that are spewing blood. The comfrey will create a natural band-aid, and antiseptic. It has healing properties, and will speed the healing process. The comfrey patch will naturally fall off on its own, do not remove it. Usually no scar will result.
  • Scrapes and Small cuts: Clean as usual, and apply one of the following: Tea tree oil, colloidal silver, diluted oregano oil, vinegar, lemon juice, or any diluted antibacterial essential oil. If you are in an emergency situation, urine works excellent.
  • Panic or shock: Rescue Remedy is an excellent thing to have around for people or animals. Just about three drops on the tongue should do it. If the situation continues, repeat every 10-15 minutes.
  • Heart arrhythmia or heart attack: Of course most people are going to go to the hospital in this situation, but in the meantime here are a few possibilities to try. Chew an aspirin up well, and swallow. If you do not have aspirin, chew a couple Alka-Seltzer. For heart arrhythmia or heart attack, you can use hawthorn berry syrup quite effectively. For arrhythmia, use a half teaspoon, every 15 minutes, until it subsides. For heart attacks, use 1 teaspoon every five minutes. Most often it should stop after the first dose.
  • Insect bites or stings: Meat tenderizer mixed with water, and applied. Honey, mud, dried clay mixed with water, or plain olive oil. A cut onion applied to the area of a bee sting will bring relief. For ant bites, onion or garlic can be applied. A poultice made from any mint can be applied to bites. Grated potato, or arrowroot powder mixed with a little water will help. Any kind of starch applied will usually aid in relieving the discomfort. Plantain, a plant found in many places of the US, can be found easily, and a quick poultice on your bite/sting can be improvised. If you are allergic to the bite/sting, get medical treatment immediately.
  • Swelling and inflammation: See my article on this subject here.

This article is meant to suggest possibilities, not diagnose or treat.
Use wisdom in your actions, and consult a natural doctor, or emergency practitioner when needed.

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