Add Line Numbers To A Section In Word 2007

In a previous tip, I showed you how to add line numbers to your entire document. This is useful when you have a large document and you need to refer someone to a specific section, it is sometimes easier to use line numbers. You can also add lines numbers to a specific part of a document, instead of the entire document.

Word allows you to quickly and easily add line numbers to a specific section. Once you have your document complete (of course, it must include more than one line), simply complete the steps listed below.

  • Select the section you want to number.
  • On the Page Layout tab, in the Page Setup group, click Line Numbers
  • Click Line Numbering Options.
  • Click the Layout tab.
  • In the Apply to list, click Selected sections.
  • Click Line Numbers.
  • Click the Add line numbering option and select the appropriate options.

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