Backlash Against Bottled Water

There seems to be more and more of a backlash against bottled water. People have reacted to the fact that sometimes, as in the case with Aquafina, it is treated tap water. Furthermore, there are environmental concerns about the bottled water:

“…Voss water is equally peripatetic, journeying from a place called Aust-Agderin, Norway, just south of the North Pole. A bird flying from there to L.A. would travel about 5,400 miles. The ships that cart the stuff to our shores travel farther.

San Pellegrino (also called Pellegrino) travels some 10,000 miles from Italy. And Ty Nant water, in the flashy cobalt blue bottle, covers more than 5,300 miles from the middle of Wales in the U.K. However, the bottles, which according to a West Coast importer have been made in Germany, voyage some 600 miles before they even get to Wales to be filled.”

link: Restaurants make money on it; consumers drink it up; but the environment has a tough time with bottled waters

It seems that water can make a ‘fashion statement’ too. Apparently, Bling H2O is bottled in Swarovski crystal covered bottles. – It’s forty dollars a bottle, according to the website. I’ll call Bill at Microsoft and tell him I’m thirsty.


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