Avoiding The Vista Upgrade

Even if Windows XP was to suddenly cease with updates, I honestly believe that people can run the OS securely with a few things in place. Today, I will pose some possibilities and you, the readers, are encouraged to dissect them in the comments area.

Run as a limited user: As insane as this may seem, if you run as a limited user, offset any inconvenience with suDown, I see absolutely no reason why you could not run a secure system with other security pieces firmly in place.

AVG Antivirus: As mentioned above, run as a limited user while AVG picks up the pieces to protect your system from a virus problem in the first place.

WinPatrol (Free Edition): Stop problems before they ever start. Know what is running and why; defend yourself against browser hijacking and a whole lot more.

Use Firefox or Opera: This is not a debate trying to get you to use Open Source software only, just use a secure browser that is preferably not in malware designer’s cross hairs.

So what about patches? Didn’t Microsoft just release a whole ton of patches for Vista? Perhaps so; I cannot speak to this point as I am typing this on Ubuntu. However, reading articles like this one (a few months old) really does not fill me with a lot of confidence.

So why are people upgrading to Vista again?

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