Bulletproof for Kids

Perhaps this is a product whose time has come… a bulletproof backpack for kids returning to school:

“…”If the kid has a backpack next to them, or under the desk, they can pick it up, the straps act as a handle and it becomes a shield,” Curran said.

It’s much lighter than a 15-pound police vest. After three years of experimenting, the backpacks that were tested by an outside lab ranked threat level two. It stops an assortment of bullets, including 9-millimeter hollow point bullets…”

link: Fathers Create Bulletproof Backpacks

From just a random, impromptu focus group of people asked about this, those I queried about the product thought it was a good idea. It seems that this backpack line will have a good reception in the marketplace. And that is such a sad commentary about us…

Catherine Forsythe

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