And The Winner Was…

The winner of the first ever Vitamin CH contest was Todd whose comment on OneNote and SnagIt was:

I currently use Snagit to capture images from teleconference meetings that use screen sharing to show presentations to the entire team. I then integrate the screen caps into my Onenote notes from the meeting. Our project team often needs to use teleconferencing and screen sharing because it is not practical for us to get together in person. But because of the highly technical nature of our meetings, I often need to capture images of designs that are still in development, since team members often do not have prepared presentations that can be emailed.

Onenote screen capture can be a bit cumbersome in these situations, so I use Snagit with Onenote to do the trick.

Trying to get Todd the information that he had won was fun. I learned that you should never put the word “Congratulations” in the subject line of a message. My first note to Todd informing him that he won went straight to that great bit bucket known as the Spam folder. Second try got it to him though, so he is now enjoying his free keys to Snagit and Camtasia!

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