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From the computer archives of ShadowMyth 4/13/2000, 12:00 A.M.

Recently I had occasion to speak with a police officer over something that had been stolen from me, and in the course of the conversation, “justice” was mentioned. Now, I will admit, it was I who was talking about justice being served, but the police officer had a more blunt way of putting it. In his words, it was a matter of whether we got “satisfaction” out of how the situation was dealt with. I really thought about that, what was justice really?

The dictionary defines the root word Just as meaning rightful, lawful, or proper. Interestingly enough it seems it is tied to the word “joust”. First off, what is right or lawful, or even “proper” for that matter?

Every country, every religion, every person, feels differently about what is “right”. Even if we were to look to nature in it’s purest state for the answers, we would find contradictions amongst it’s creatures and forces. The fact is no one is ultimately “right”.Is it right that the sheep is slaughtered by the lion? The sheep doesn’t think so. Is it right that the lion should starve to death? The lion certainly does not think so. There is no “justice” in it all, it all “just is”. The fact is we can beat ourselves up senseless trying to make sense out of why there is no “justice” in the world, but the truth is, there is satisfaction.

Some people proclaim that everyone should be “satisfied”, or in their words everyone should be fed, clothed, sheltered, and treated fairly, or with dignity. Should they? I look around me and people everywhere are living in a far less than dignified manner, and surely they cannot be satisfied to live off the lives of others.

People on welfare, people on social security because they are too afraid to go out in public, or too fat to get out of their wheel chairs. How can this be justice, that we serve them hand and foot, while they use and abuse us? I say “this is not justice! It just is!” Yes, you may be between jobs, so if you mean anything to anyone in this world, you’ll temporarily turn to those you love, while you get on your feet. So your fat and can’t walk anymore, who did it to you? You! So your afraid to go out in public, get over it, join the real world!

In the real world, it all “just is”. You can’t go around saving everyone who is too lazy, or too scared, or just plain blood sucking vampires, but you can save yourself!In the process of making YOU the best person you can be, because you realize all of that “out there” just is, and there is nothing you can do to make it better, you release your lack of personal power. You become in charge of the greatest humanitarian act you could undertake, your life! If everyone stopped trying to achieve “justice” and stopped trying to make everything better for everyone else, everyone “else” would be forced to make things better for themselves. What a concept. Simple, plain, because it all “just is”.

The real “satisfaction” comes when you realize right now you can make your life anything you want it to be, and no one is responsible for your life, but you. So the next time your proud of an accomplishment, know you deserve it, you worked for it! Or, the next time your life resembles a pile of doo doo, know you deserve that too, because to one degree of another,, you are responsible.

As far as the other meaning of the word “just”, meaning to “joust”, I think that is more appropriate. After all, what is a joust? Is it not defending ourselves, our property, or our right to live our own life as we choose? No one will joust for us, we must do our own jousting, as others must do their own. Don’t make another man weak by doing his work for him, nor yourself weak, by letting him carry your load. Justice is responsibility. In the end, it all “just is”.

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