Lost Your Unfiled Notes Section? Get It Back

There is a user on the newsgroup who has lost her unfiled notes section and can’t seem to get it back. While helping her out, I have learned some cool tricks that I thought I would quickly share with you.

Sections not in Notebooks:

In OneNote 2007, there are now notebooks which contain sections, which contain pages. But sometimes, you want a section to be just a section – not in a notebook. One example of this is the section called Unfiled Notes.one. You can create others, but this one is important, since it is where your SideNotes go. Blow it away, and OneNote should recreate it. But… in this case it didn’t.

Where do my Unfiled Notes live?

If you go to Tools–> Options, Save, you will see the following:

By changing the marked value, you can change the location of your Unfiled Notes section. Unfortunately, if you then delete that section, OneNote seems to lose the ability to re-create the Unfiled Notes section. This is why the newsgroup poster couldn’t get hers back.

What to do?

Watch this video and you will learn how to save an individual section not in a notebook. In the case of the video, I created a new Unfiled Notes section. (I would just embed the thing, but I can’t get the blog interface to understand my code.)

By the way – Have I mentioned lately how much I love Jing? It made communication on this thread so much easier. Well, ok – it made it easier on me. I haven’t heard back fro the original poster yet whether it made it easier on her!

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