Online radio has been running into a few licensing snags here and there lately, and it’s really unfortunate to see the situation get this ugly. We all love to listen to music, but it’s sometimes difficult to define what you can and cannot do with it. The Napster debacle, DRM, and countless other music copyright matters have been made public over the past few years, but for us, we just want to listen to our personal library of music whether we’re at home, out and about with an iPod, or on the Internet. Anywhere.FM is making it possible to keep your music online and listen to it at will.

You already know what you like, so why not listen to what you like? With Anywhere.FM, you can upload your music collection and listen to it through an attractive online interface that resembles iTunes. The playback process is fantastic, and it works just as good as a regular desktop application would. To show how complete it is, there’s even a visualizer. The site will also enable you to find out what your friends and other members of the community are listening to from their personal libraries. Thanks to the power of the Internet, your music library goes where you go.

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