The Chronicles of ShadowMyth: Samson

Samson is not his real name, but it was an old nickname of his. I will call him Samson here, as I am sure he would be unhappy with me, if I used his real name.

Samson was the love of my life, and still is deep inside my heart. I could never stop loving him, even if I tried. It was over 20 years ago that I last saw him, but I know him as if it was yesterday.

It was right before my 17th birthday that I met him, he was 23. I was eating my lunch in the college cafeteria, and noticed a darker skinned man staring at me with amusement in his eyes. I think those eyes were one of the things I loved most about him, there was no end within their dark pools.

Samson was a dangerous one, the type your mother really does warn you about it. He also was the kind of man that makes you grasp what really good sex is. He was a natural creature through and through, there was nothing human about him.

Samson was all predator, and life was his pleasure ground. He had no fear of anyone, or anything. He was quite good at the martial arts, and we would often spar together. It was with him I first learned to love the martial arts, and begin to grasp the depth of their meaning.

He was not human, no he was not, a demon he was through and through. Most people think of demons as vile creatures, without true depth or beingness, but most often, this is not so. He was of those however, that sees humans as something to trifle with. His profession was that of a con artists, and he was quite skilled at his trade. I had seen him take $2100 from a man without suspicion, he knew how to play them well.

One day he invited a girl home from school, and showed me the art of toying with people. I watched him levitate off of the floor 2 feet in a lotus position, and sit suspended in mid air. While sitting in this position, he picked up a table, and threw it with his mind. It crashed onto it’s side a few feet away. By the time he was done, she was running out of the house, one very freaked out person. I asked him why he had done it. He explained casually, that she was just some heroine user, that screwed guys in the school bathrooms to get her fix.

I had on several occasions tried to help Samson see a more compassionate viewpoint, but he viewed humans as only commodities and entertainment. Love blinded me, and I was wrapped up under his spell, good and deep.

He introduced me to things I had no prior experience in; porn stores, crime, creative sex, fighting, and a deep love of physical pleasures. When I was with him, life was always an adventure. He made me feel alive in ways I had never felt before, and I loved to be by his side.

One night we had gone out to a dinner club, and he got us sloshed on margarita’s. He told me he was going to the bathroom, and would soon return. A gentleman in the meantime, asked me to dance. Oh the stupidity of a 17 year old! After the dance, I sat back down, very drunk, but Samson had not returned. An entire hour went by, and I began to wonder what I was going to do. I was in a small town, over an hour’s drive from home, and I had no money on me. I was petrified. About this point, he comes over and tells me that we are leaving, and scolds me with evil looks for dancing with another man. I was to learn in the future, the depth of his coldness, and it was as deep as the fire that also ran through him.

When we were outside of the club, he informed me that I was driving. I told him there was no way I could drive, I was way too drunk. He told me I had no choice, and I got behind the wheel. As I drove, I felt him come into my mind, and it was as if he was driving through me. I drove all the way home as if on auto pilot.

About halfway home, a great lightening storm began. He turned and looked at me in the night silence, and said “Do you want to see something really cool?” He then turned his face back toward the road, and his form began to swell. It was as if he was becoming the incredible hulk, but without the greenness. His whole person increased in size by about 80 percent, and I could feel power rippling off of him. He told me he accomplished this through channeling the electrical power from the storm.

He was loving, cruel, fun, and passionate, and I came to understand the meaning of love and hate as one. Though he toyed with me, he never hurt me. Then one day, I noticed something I had neglected to see previously. There was a cord running from the phone jack, into the bedroom closet. I followed it to it’s source, and found a recording device. I played it, and listened to all of the conversations I had been having on the phone, since I had moved in.

I was rather freaked out, and suddenly felt like a rat in a cage. I plotted my escape with the aid of my mother, and disappeared by the following day. It would not be the last of our relationship however, but I will save that, for another story.

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