Lockergnome’s Blog Setup & Subscribing to Blogs

Warning: For those of you who understand Lockergnome’s interface, you do not need this article. Feel free to steer somewhere else, as this is going to be boring for you.

I write this article for all of the people who have wondered how to get to my main page, find my various categories of material, or how to subscribe to my RSS feed.

On the right hand side of every Lockergnome blog (sometimes at the bottom), should be a variety of options inside of a white box. Each blogger sets up his/her area differently. The first thing you will see on my page is ShadowMyth’s Multiverse, and a little orange symbol. That is the connection to my RSS feed.

An RSS feed is a utility that allows you to keep track of a certain person or group’s writing. For example, Lockergnome Nexus has its feed that gives you a list of all of the current articles by all of the bloggers currently posting. RSS is a pleasant interface that eliminates running around to a bunch of different Web pages. You can subscribe to a blogger’s main feed or individual categories.

To do this, you would install or use your browser’s/email’s current RSS program, or install another program. I use a Firefox extension called Sage. It is very simple to use. When I am on the Web page to which I want to subscribe, I click on a magnifying glass inside of Sage. It searches and finds all of the feeds listed on that page. I then can click on whichever feeds I desire to subscribe to.

Each blogger usually has a variety of subcategories that can be chosen from. On the right hand side, underneath the RSS symbol, is a list of my categories. Some people may only want my DIY feed, so they would click on my DIY section, and subscribe from that page. Another may only want to read my Ideas and Philosophy section, so they would subscribe from that page.

Some of my personal feeds I like to visit are: Lockergnome Nexus, 43 Folders, Lifehacker, Boing Boing, Fark, Make Magazine, Micro Persuasion, Achieve-IT!, Working Smart, Neowin, Steve Pavlina’s Personal Development Blog, Conscious Choice, Craigslist, Tricks of the Trade, Maven Mappers, Web Wahala, The Chris Pirillo Show, The Blade, The Oracle, Urikalization, and Paranormal Palace Radio.

Of course you can read a blogger’s material without subscribing to their RSS feed. You can either pile through all of their articles listed on their main page, or just click on the areas you prefer to read.

Every blogger has their own widgets, or small applications that give you various options. You will see under my categories area there is something that says Shadow’s Bookmarks. This area will take you to my page, where the majority of my 1500 plus bookmarks can be found, organized into various categories. Mind you it is rather messy over there right now, but it is there.

Further down is another white box. There is a list of my archives by month, if you want to read through the evolution of my blogging. Under this is a recent comments area, if you want to see recent feedback. Beneath this is a links area, which I very much need to work on.

If you read an article from my main page, or one of my category pages, you will not see a comments area. To see comments, or view the comments of others, click on the title of my blog. This will take you directly to the specific article’s page.

When leaving comments, some bloggers require you include some basic information, or be signed up with Lockergnome. I require an email address and a name. You can also add your site if you so desire. If you own your own site, this could add to your traffic. People can visit your page by clicking on your name.

Each blogger at Lockergnome has their blog set up differently with different options. Just remember that those options are on the right hand side, or bottom of every Lockergnome page. If there are no options, or limited options, you may want to suggest to your blogger that s/he set them up.

One thing each blogger does have in common, though, is the information under the current article’s headline. If you click on the blogger’s name, it will take you to his/her main page. If you click on comments, it will take you to the article’s main page. There is also a listing of the categories the article is classified under, whereby you can click to the main pages of that particular subject matter. If you click on Related Information, it will take you to articles that may be similar in nature to what you are reading.

In no time at all, you’ll be able to maneuver any of your favorite Lockergnome blogger’s pages.

Thanks for visiting, and I hope you find your way around!

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