Bathing the Dog with Baking Soda

Without bathing your pet, it is possible to remove pet odor from your cat or dog by using baking soda. When you do bath the cat or dog, you might think of using baking soda again. Because there are so many ways to clean your pet, it is difficult to give a ‘cook book type’ plan to follow. For example, you may bath the dog in the bathtub or outside with the garden hose or… well, I am sure you have your own ingenious way to clean the dog and to keep the chaos to a minimum.

The following then will be very general and you can adapt it to the method you use. – For a medium sized dog, like a Labrador retriever, you may want to fill the bathtub to about a third full with lukewarm water. Before putting the dog into the bathtub, mix three to four cups of baking soda into the water. This baking soda mixture is wonderful for the dog’s coat and skin. – Yes, it removes any ‘doggy smells’ that you wanted to eliminate and it makes cleaning the bathtub that much easier.

Catherine Forsythe

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