A Present for Your Child: A Personalized Internet Domain Name

Do you think that your child will want his/her own internet domain name? That seems to be the trendy thing to do:

“NEW YORK (AP) – Besides leaving the hospital with a birth certificate and a clean bill of health, baby Mila Belle Howells got something she won’t likely use herself for several years: her very own Internet domain name.

Likewise newborn Bennett Pankow joined his four older siblings in getting his own Internet moniker…”

link: Tots getting Internet identity at birth

Perhaps, in the future, parents will check to see if the name has been taken online before naming their child. The question is ‘what will the child think about this in ten / fifteen years?’. Will he/she think that the parental units were forward thinking and very very very cool. Or will he/she wonder why, in the early years of this century, his/her parents were among the dorkiest people on the planet?

Catherine Forsythe

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