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From the Book of Remembering:

Natural Desires
Your natural desires will lead you to your natural destiny, unlike created desires which will demand subservience to their will, and destroy your own natural will. Your natural desires will take you to your natural destiny, and create for you the pattern, that is right for you. See in all of reality, your pattern; see it in everything you do, knowing that it all connects, and is working in your favor.

Sarcasm is most often the result of undealt with issues. When we stop being sarcastic, the energies behind the sarcasm surfaces. Then we can resolve the issues that have been left undealt with.

Letting Go
Not all things can be understood or dealt with. Some things we must just accept, and if needed, let go of.

Just a Thing
One can only understand the power and symbology of a thing when one has true need of it, and one has formed a true relationship with it; otherwise, it is just a thing.

Look not to the extremes for answers, but to the point in between; the center where opposites meet.

Life’s Road
The road is not easier, nor a better one, because it is a straight path. More is learned on the crooked winding path, with it’s hidden ways and mysteries never seen by the general traffic. The latter stays on the straight and narrow, not daring to venture from the main path.

Beauty lay within the imperfect of life; in it’s essence and in it’s wildness. Life is a blend of the wild and the orderly, the solid mingled with empty space; all defining each other, seeking to create an order much like the perfection of Mother Nature…wild perfection.

Proving One’s Self
It is alright to prove one’s self, it does not have to be an indication of ego or mental problems. Proving one’s self is a natural animal instinct, and relates to asserting one’s personal power, and claiming one’s territory.

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