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Living in Groups
I have an alternative family. My husband and I split up about 4 years ago, but we still live in the same house. Our two children who are both pretty much adults now, also live with us. My daughter’s fiance, makes our group total five currently.

We plan on one day having a huge building that we convert into a work/live area. Downstairs would be numerous businesses that the occupants would all run.

The occupants would be made up of many of the heart family we have collected up over the years. Heart family is real family, though they may not have the blood to prove it. There would be basic apartment units for each family grouping or individual, with all of the basics available.

Then there would be the communal area. It would have a very large kitchen, with walk in freezer, industrial stoves, etc. There would be a main living room, whereby everyone could hang out together if they so chose. It is kind of a modern tribal thing, and a support network you can depend upon.

I do not like the modern idea, that says growing up is about leaving home, or that you are dysfunctional if you do not. I think it can be far more dysfunctional, to not be there as a group to support each other. If we as a people could depend upon one another, there would be almost no crime or mental problems. The saying “divide and conquer” is very relevant here. It is much more difficult to support one’s self off of a limited resource pool, than to gather a large amount of resources as a group.

In my situation, as I mentioned, I live with my prior mate. This kind of arrangement is actually becoming more common. Sometimes couples who break up, still get along on other levels, and therefore decide to remain in the same house. Dating though can become a real issues, as people can be very jealous of such arrangements.

The idea that this chick or guy was once pleasuring your new mate, is just too much for some to bear when they are living under the same roof. This is understandable, as jealousy is a natural instinct to protect your territory. Some people can move beyond it, and some cannot.

I have seen countless complaints of this over on Craig’s list, where people talk about this very situation. Women and men both, often feel that such people are not good dating material. They figure if it is over, it should be over. They do not take into account that just becomes things did not work out between you on some levels, on other levels you are still very close. This is natural; feelings do not just go away.

The Perks
The upsides of this lifestyle are quite numerous. You are never lonely at holidays; there are people around to help you watch your kids; you don’t have to worry you can’t pay the bills if you get ill; there is always someone to go do stuff with; and you are less of an environmental impact on the world around you. Group living is far more sustainable, than the single individual/family grouping.There are many kinds of group living arrangements. Some are sexually based, some religious, environmental, dietary, familial, occupational, etc. Here in Seattle we have a large amount of communal living groups, ranging from artists, to idealists.

I know of one artist commune that has an open house once a year, so that the community can see their art. In the case of this commune, these people support one another in their ability to pursue their art.

This kind of living is not for everyone, I am sure, but I believe it could be a good beginning toward healing many societal issues.

If you have any desire to further explore this lifestyle, you may want to look here. There is even a directory there, to research communal areas in your state or country.

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