Getting The Rub From GRUB – GRUB Errors

Today, Michael asks:

I just wanted to know if you have any idea why I would be getting Grub
errors 16 and/or 18 when I boot into Ubuntu 7.04?  I’m not sure how
this would work with you, but I am willing to provide whatever info
you may need.


Not to fear, it is a confirmed bug with Feisty, among many, also why I never bother to upgrade from Edgy as of yet. Assuming you have backed up any critical data already, go ahead and take Super Grub for a test drive! Using it is not too difficult as you can see here, so this would be my recommendation short of reinstalling. After all, it’s just GRUB that broke – not the OS itself.

Do you have an Ubuntu, Linux Mint, Simply Mepis, Linspire/Freespire, or PCLinuxOS related question? Perhaps you are just burnt out on writing on the walls with crayons? Whatever the comments may be, drop me a line, and you too can “Just Ask Matt – Linux Edition! 

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