How Far Do We Take Transparency?

There has been a trend in the last year toward an idea called Transparency. Right now it is a concept that applies to corporations and business.

As the people, we deserve to know what we are buying, what it is completely made of, where every ounce of it came from, and by which means it was attained. If our values lay in the welfare of others, we will lean toward buying from those who are open and honest about their practices.

If we do not care, we will buy from whoever gives us the best deal. Unfortunately, that is what it has come down to, the bottom line. The almighty dollar leaves whole civilizations torn apart and industrialized, so that they too may have the privilege of some day maybe owning that which was stolen from another. It becomes a design of slave desiring to become master.

Transparency makes it so we can help free the slaves, some of which are ourselves. It also lets us know what corporations are doing to the land, and the effects our purchase has on their actions. We can complain that somebody needs to take care of environmental issues, but the only one who can do something about it is you… the consumer. Transparency in this case is really an excellent idea.

Every idea is what I call a gateway idea – it leads to something else. One thought leads to another. In the case of transparency, this idea will lead into people’s lives. People will start to feel they want to know more about each other, before they begin to get involved. People would see it as a way to avoid unwanted relationships or business partnerships.

The danger lay in people feeling this should be some kind of mandatory idea, and we all are forced to reveal the truth of who we are. This is already beginning to occur. Right now the information I can look up on just about anyone on the internet, is stunning. I don’t even have to spend a dollar doing it. Every year the web brings this information more tightly together.

Social networks could rise up, whereby people would have their entire background checks, life history, genetics, personality profile, etc., all available for either a select few to view, or the entire world. This database could be used to acquire employment, making background checks instantaneous. Dating areas could include up to date medical exams from your doctor. Information about what form of birth control you use, or your dating history could be included. How far can such an idea go?

Recently I decided to try transparency myself. I have been steadily revealing more about myself, and giving up what I perceived as my private life, on the Internet. People are often stunned by my candidness about my personal life history, and the open splaying of my thoughts and feelings.

I quite enjoy it actually, as it has given me the opportunity to communicate with people on levels we are normally not supposed to. I personally find the art of keeping one’s life to one’s self, rather dull. The majority of my life I have been overly honest, which has lost me quite a number of friends.

This is one area I wonder about, how much should we tell? Should transparency apply to people as well? One thing is for sure, an idea like this must never be enforced. Voluntary transparency is one thing, but we should have the right to our privacy if we so choose.

I have opened up a large portion of my life through public bookmarks, page tracking, social networks, blogging, and a variety of other services that display me to the public. Is it a good idea? I suppose only time will tell.

One thing is for sure though, there is nothing to hold against a truly honest person. How can you dig dirt up on someone that has already made a public beach out of its soil? You can’t, there is nothing left to tell.

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