Scott's 2007 Ultimate Developer And Power User's Tool List

My good friend Scott Hanselman just published the latest annual installment of his Ultimate Developer and Power User’s Tool List, which you can always see the most recent version of over here. As usual, it’s a great list of the many, many, many, many pieces of software and sources of information — big and small — that Scott has found make his life as a developer and power user better. I love this list and it’s fun when he updates it.

Look for the new items this year (there are, like, 50 of them) in red.

Also, while you are there, take a minute or two and contribute a couple bucks to Team Hanselman in the fight against diabetes. The team has an incredible goal of raising $50,000 to go to fighting the disease, and as of this writing is almost half way there. Every penny counts, so give what you can if you can. And get a tax deduction.

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