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Once upon a time there was a girl who lived in a box. Not that living in a box is that unusual or anything, everyone did it. Some people’s boxes were big and spacious, filled with interesting things and concepts, but most people had houses that were very, very small.

When she started out she had a medium sized box, that was the one she grew up in. Her box was pink, and the neighbor’s was mint green. Her daddy said that people from Mexico lived in pink and mint green boxes. When she went to Mexico she saw people who lived in boxes so small, you couldn’t get anything more than your body into them.

She was glad that her box was not that small, though sometimes it felt like that inside. In the day her parent’s would send her to another box, this box was filled with many people. She learned things in this box, different from what she learned in her other box. No one really seemed to notice her in this box, except those who picked on her.

She wasn’t quite like the others, she stood out. She tried to get noticed in this box, in fact she tried to get noticed in all of the boxes she visited. She wanted to know she was a part of things, and that she fit into the box with the others somehow. No matter how she tried though, it just never worked.

She found that she could do something though, and that was to make her own box, a box where others could go, if they liked her box. Soon she had many friends who wanted to share her box, and she went about creating a larger box to fit them all ln. The strangest part about her box was the inside.

When you entered it you were struck in awe and speechless, as it seemed to have many sides and dimensions, not typical of a normal box. Some people were so confounded, they could not stay for long, and often those who stayed too long went insane. She lost many friends this way, and she felt bad inside, for hurting all of the people she had hurt.

So she changed her house, and tried to make it have as few angles and dimensions as possible. This was difficult you see, as she had lost the knack for normalcy. Now many people stayed for a time, but none of them were very exciting. She tried to share in their boxes, but they were so small and cramped, it was difficult to feel comfortable, and she found herself quite bored.

Slowly, but surely she began to forget who she was, and her box became squarer. She didn’t feel very good anymore, her body began to hurt and become ill. One day she suddenly knew what had become of her, and she saw how small her box had become.

She raised her spirits up, and looked all about her for some dimension. She saw none at first, and her heart sometimes grew sad. Slowly she began to see dimension here and there, and slowly she began to feel better.

It was quite often a hard process, as she felt as if she was digging her way out of her grave. Coffins. Even death has boxes. She was faced with the truth now, and it was a hard pill to swallow. There were very few who could handle a multi-dimensional box, and a multi-dimensional person who lived in one. She decided though that it was better to be herself and live in her box, than to die living in another’s.

She knew that many would suffer for coming to her box, but she could not stop being a part of things just because others could not grow. Does the pine tree not take the life of the deciduous in it’s efforts to grow? Does the lion not eat the lamb to fill his belly and live? She embraced her love of life and death. She embraced her love of pleasure and pain. She embraced her aloneness, and she became not alone. Perhaps her box was not filled with many, but what was in it, was diverse and alive.

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