Microsoft Caught Not Playing Nice – Again

The vote on the Office Open XML format will probably go a little differently now that the Swedish vote will most likely be one of abstention. Microsoft has gotten caught with its hand in the cookie jar again.

Microsoft was found to have offered ‘incentives’ to companies that voted for the passage of the OOXML format. Swedish voters were found to be among those who accepted. Moreover, in another story, 23 members never before involved joined the Swedish voting body the day before the vote.

A re-vote is expected, but the reason given is claimed  improper procedures.   The Swedish Institute of Standards declared that the original vote was invalid, with the improper procedures difficulty cited, brushing aside any notion that money for votes was exchanged. A new vote in Sweden is unlikely, due to time constraints.

The next vote, one that will involve about 100 countries, is scheduled for September 2. This is where the actual decision will happen, and Microsoft will find out if its push has been effective.

This push has been one more vigorously fought than any in recent memory.

One story here.

Second source here.


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