Daniel Gray: Shed Expert

It is a source of endless fascination for me to find out who reads these pages. I do have occasional feedback from readers and I am able to locate some of the people geographically. The response to articles is often a real treat (and sometimes not – but more on that another day). For example, when I was having problems with technical support, one reader sent me a long, detailed email about how juggling would help me to relax and manage stress. The instructions were so detailed that I had to try to learn to juggle. It was one of those things I always wanted to try. I am not good at it but I am improving – there was actually no possible way to be worse. And nothing valuable has been broken – yet.

And today, I find that another reader of this space is an expert on shed building. He is Daniel Gray and he is mentioned in an article in the Los Angeles Times:

“…Dan Gray built a shed about 10 years ago and has been dispensing tips ever since, morphing his passion into www .geekbooks.com eight years ago. Based in New Jersey, where he writes computer how-to books, Gray has seen a rising interest in the backyard retreat.

“It’s folks running out of space,” he said. “They need a place to work that’s quiet, away from the house.” California’s mild climate makes the shed a good solution.”

link: The shed goes chic

link: Dan’s Geekbooks Site

How cool is that! Kudos, Dan!

So, if you having any pressing shed questions, Dan’s site is a good place to start. – And if you are a visitor to this space and have some unique skills, please let me know. My email address is in the right hand column of the FlyingHamster site. It amazes me who stops by these pages…


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