Clay Buchholz: Starting at the Top

Clay Buchholz is a rookie. In his second major league start with the Boston Red Sox, he pitched a no hitter. Now, he is part of baseball lore and the baseball Hall of Fame is calling for museum memorabilia:

“…Buchholz went back to his hotel room after the game, called his parents in Beaumont, Texas, checked text messages (there were about 80), watched himself on “SportsCenter” a few times, then hit the sack. He was back at the ballpark at 8 a.m. yesterday “hanging out by myself,” and the Hall of Fame already was calling, asking for a game jersey, a hat, and some baseballs. Buchholz said he’d never part with the green cowboy boots he wore to the ballpark.

“That’s the one part of Texas I bring with me,” said the rookie.”

link: Memories of no-hitter still are fresh

The question is “now what?“. What can you expect from a young pitcher who starts his professional career with perfection? The Red Sox Nation has high hopes.

Catherine Forsythe

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