ShadowMyth’s Notepad #1

I have begun to keep a notepad record of my daily thoughts, observations, notes, etc., in notepad. I would like a notepad similar to Ubuntu’s, if anyone knows of one. Those items marked in bold have been completed. Comments and suggestions based off of these notes are always appreciated. I have only put in the more interesting notes, and did not include the long list of RSS/blog sites I was reviewing. I am still trying to get in the habit of using my notepad on a regular basis.

Notepad Record #1
Ideas that come to you…keep a line and online.
Record daily problems, solutions, anomalies, etc. As you do so you can collect data on different subject matter that perhaps others are not aware of. Use this as a web log of reality alterations.

How did I get here? Got Google Toolbar, tracks my activities.

10 kgms of opium gum to make one kilogram of heroine. Research heroine trade. Research done 8-30-2007

Article on anime news, include piece on Operation Anime and the anime ‘desert punk’. Done 7-30-07

Research kinetic energy penetrators.

I want a Firefox extension that makes Thunderbird, show up in a tab. Is that remotely possible?

I want my Thunderbird to have a better stationary add-on, that can use basic .jpg images, and has a friendly interface.

Why doesn’t Thunderbird come with a built in address bar in the sidebar? I am really at a loss as to why really basic things are missing from this program. What people say is true, Thunderbird is very neglected.

Checked Adsense today. the first time since I have been here at Lockergnome. I made in the three months I have been here…99 cents.

Too bad there are not time/date stamped notes in notepad.

I am going to change email programs, need to research what would be the best replacement. Something that has cool extensions like Thunderbird, but better.

Look into desktop dashboards.

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