Palit Starts Making Motherboards

Have you ever heard of this company? I know I had not until today.

Palit is a top 3 graphics card manufacturer, in business since 1988. This is an exalted position for a company to be in and still relatively unknown.

An article at THG put me on to this, and after seeing the company website, I’m somewhat excited about seeing these boards come here. There are 2 Intel designs and 2 AMD designs, for now. The promise of expanding lines is there, but what is more interesting is that this company plans to break into the market with motherboards that have discrete video cards bundled as an added value and promotion.

Everyone likes a deal, and whether or not you happen to like the bundled video card, it is certainly better than onboard graphics. THG states that this is expected to put some pressure on other manufacturers at the same level like ASRock and ECS.

Perhaps it will be a good Christmas for more than one reason!


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