Google + Earthlink = GLink

During the past several weeks there has been plenty in the news about Earthlink being on the ropes and giving up on its wireless ventures. Cities across the US are feeling the pinch when Earthlink decided to be a non-player. After a bunch of lay offs, it appears that Earthlink could be up for grabs and who better than Google to buy the company?

Google has been interested in wireless for quite some time to expand its advertising over the wireless airways. We have all heard that Google has billions to spend on the upcoming air waves sale being held by the FCC after the first of the year. One could surmise that Google buying a company with an infrastructure already in place would make good business sense. It could save Google some time and money by not having to build a system from the bottom floor up.

With all the rumors about a GPhone, having your own wireless company called GLink fits right in along with GMail. At first I was thinking calling the new company Google Earth, but darn, Google is already using that one. 🙂

So what do you think? Doesn’t GLink have a nice ring to it?

Comments welcome.

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