Anarchy 2087

Fight for leadership over a Europe that has become chaotic after a global catastrophe in this strategy spectacle!

In the year 2087, the severe consequences of global warming have caught up to humanity.

Large areas of Europe have been swallowed by the great flood. Great Britain, the Netherlands, and parts of Scandinavia, France, and Northern Germany are gone! Resources are extremely scarce, former frontiers don’t matter anymore, and anarchy and chaos prevail on the new islands and in the mountains. The newly formed emergency government ECT — the European Crisis Team — isn’t up to the waves of refugees and the increasing riots anymore. New groups like the Free Survivors fight for survival and their independence. The world as we know it is going to change rapidly!

“We have promised our fans, the press, and our partners to deliver a new strategy blockbuster this year — and we kept it! With Anarchy 2087, we bring the well-known realtime-strategy-experience of the 1990s from the PC to mobile phones!” says Markus Kassulke, CEO of HandyGames.

Be part of it — it’s time for a new leader! Lead your troops from September 11th, 2007 on in the fight for Europe’s future!

Anarchy 2087 Features:

  • Action-packed realtime-strategy conquers your mobile phone!
  • Choose between one of two fractions!
  • Lead tactical battles with 14 different types of units!
  • Research modern weapon-systems!
  • Sophisticated techtree with 15 types of buildings
  • 2 diversified campaigns and up to 10 missions
  • Story-mode with four heroes that fight for domination in Europe!
  • Minimap for quick navigation
  • Hotkeys for saving groups of units or buildings
  • Formation-order for grouping troops
  • Fog Of War
  • Statistics at the end of missions
  • Savegame

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