HP Blackbird 002 Gaming Machine Coming

The folks over at HP are not sitting back waiting for Dell to play catch-up. Instead they are introducing a new gaming rig to compete against Dells XPS series of systems. The new HP Blackbird 002 will be released on the public on September 15, 2007. This new machine will have the following according to HP:

Maximum Performance Guaranteed

Every GPU in each Blackbird contains performance-tuned components, enabling higher performance than standard versions. The Corsair 8500 memory is SLI-enabled for enhanced performance on Nvidia motherboards, and an optional 10,000 RPM Raptor hard drive serves as the Blackbird’s system disk, which speeds up every aspect of the OS from startup to shutdown.

Absolute Power

At nearly four times the capacity of the industry-average 300-watt power supply, the Blackbird’s 1.1 kilowatt power supply features multiple high-current rails, providing plenty of energy to drive today’s high-performance graphics cards and processors, with power to spare for the future. The power supply sits at the bottom of the chassis, enclosed in a cooling thermal chamber that prevents it from contaminating internal airflow with excess heat. All of the power cabling is completely modular, keeping the chassis uncluttered and providing easy access for component modification. Finally, the power supply is industry-standard, as per Voodoo DNA specifications.


The HP Blackbird 002 PC’s performance BIOS lets you customize the speed, power, and cooling. In fact, all liquid cooled Intel Xtreme processors and AMD FX processors ship from the factory already overclocked, using the Voodoo method for reliable factory overclocking.

Flexible RAID Capability

RAID is a data storage solution that uses multiple hard drives to improve reliability and read/write speed. The Blackbird’s five hard drive bays — one for the system drive and four for up to 4 TB of storage — give you the greatest number of RAID options possible. Create a RAID 0 for ultimate performance, a RAID 1 for maximum reliability and data protection, or a RAID 5 for optimized speed and reliability. Better yet, Voodoo DNA’s tool-free design allows the Blackbird’s hard drives to be swapped out in about 10 seconds.

A 1.1 kilowatt power supply? I don’t think HP designed this bad boy to be green! 🙂

Price: Only $5,400! Gulp. Is that for real? LOL.

See the demo here.

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